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madlove's Journal

Blame Aphrodite.
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"It's no use
Mother dear, I
can't finish my
You may
blame Aphrodite

soft as she is

she has almost
killed me with
love for that boy"

Love is bittersweet

Life is full of beginnings and endings, some more difficult than others. madlove will become the outlet for this part of my life. A journey through my perpetually broken heart and a mind jaded without repair. My mildly psychotic tendencies overcome me when dealing with the opposite sex. Am I the only one that goes insane? nobody wants to be the crazy bitch girlfriend/xgirlfriend but my dysfunctional behavior and codependency goes much deeper than the typical stalking/prank calling kind of turmoil... or perhaps it only seems this way because I'm fully aware of my insanity? Crazy people don't know they're crazy-- isn't that how the cliche goes? ...I find solace in my solitude, but I wonder do other people feel this deep over such petty emotional falls?

This community is dedicated to raw romanticism, unrequited love, the heartbroken and the heart breakers, the pain, the lust, the lies, the loss, to those insanely in love (in the literal sense), chaotic relationships, the difficult times in relationships, a community where I can post things I wouldn't want certain people on my friends list to read.

You are welcomed to join my journey of semi self discovery in this narcissistic realm of livejournal if you're whiling to follow 3 simple rules.
1: Do not judge.
2: Do not re post anything from this community.
3: Friends only every entry.
Post your stories, your advice, your questions, quotes, pictures, anything you want really...

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